Task Maiden 2

Feeling overwhelmed?  

Feeling like you don’t know where to start?  

Feeling unmotivated because you have tasks you don’t enjoy?  

Task Maiden is the answer to all your needs. The Task Maiden service offers weekly accountability, listening, coaching and ass kicking as needed. Partner with us to meet your goals, get tasks completed and stay on top of your “to-do’s”.  

You have so many tasks to complete, your brain is spinning and you just need a listening ear like a bartender to sort it all out.  

You have a very long to do list and feel beat up before your day even starts and need a coach to encourage and support you to get back on track.  

You know you have to do unenjoyable tasks anyway and need your butt kicked by a drill sergeant.  

It’s frustrating when you feel alone in trying to get it all done and don’t have a confidante you can share your struggles with and know you aren’t being judged. 

Your Task Maiden will keep you on track with:  

  • A weekly (15 minute) or bi-weekly (30 minute) video call
  • A listening ear 
  • Encouragement and support 
  • Ass kicking as needed 
  • Task reminders 
  • Planning support.  

Together, we will: 

  • Define your primary goals for the coming task period 
  • Outline an action plan to keep you on-task and on-time 
  • Keep you from feeling overwhelmed, beat up and succumbing to brain spin.  

Your Task Maiden can also work with you to identify any blocks or unreasonable / unattainable goals. We can be gentle and supportive, or seriously kick your butt. Everyone is different and we’ll work hard to get you motivated and keep you succeeding. 

Click the link below to sign up and put your personal Task Maiden to work for you. 

Monthly service plans start at $149.  

Still not sure? Click here to schedule a free consultation and see how Task Maiden can work for you.  

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